MICROGREENS – $4 an oz (Packaged at market)

* Contact us for wholesale price list.


Red Cabbage (Light peppery flavor)

Mustard Greens (Wasabi-like Spice)

Green Pea Shoots (Tender & Sweet)

Specked Pea Shoots (Fresh & Grassy)

Red Russian Kale (Full Kale Flavor)

China Rose Radish (Earthy Spice)

Purple Radish (Mushroom-like with a slightly spicy bite)

Black Oil Sunflower (Nutty Flavor)

Nasturtium (Spicy)

Bulls Blood Beets (Earthy and Sweet)

Ruby Swiss Chard (Grassy-Slightly Bitter)

Waltham 29 Broccoli (Most nutritious of all microgreens!)